On Display in the Sewall Scripture Museum

The Marine Room will feature a display on the Great Fleets of the U.S. Navy which visited Rockport in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The Lower Level Granite Room will feature a display of Folly Cove Designer prints from the SBHS permanent collection. Included are prints by Eino Natti, Lee Natti, Louise Kenyon, among others.

Part of the Lower Level permanent displays are artifacts and  pictures from the laying of the Atlantic telegraph cable in 1884 Also there is a village model complete with ocean and a train that  was used in the filming of the movie "The Love Letter" here  in 1998

The Military Room has several displays from all of the wars including posters from the Civil War, cannon balls from the Revolutionary War and items from both World War I and II.

The Children's Room has a collection of toys, dolls, and games that children enjoyed in the past. There are several dolls on display in both Museums.

The Hannah Jumper Room and typical 1800's bedrooms are also found on the upper level. Our extensive library is also located on the upper level.

On the Main floor, in addition to the Keeping Room, Marine Room, and Main Parlor we have several original works of Art from well-known Rockport Artists.

Please plan a visit to the Museum this year to view the many items found on display. There are items of interest for all age groups. Bring your relatives and friends to the museum Encourage your friends to visit and become members of our organization.

An old sleigh at Old Castle

Musical instruments at the Old Castle

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The Old Castle in Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts. Built in 1711.



Old Castle, open for viewing on Saturday afternoons in July and  August, is an old salt box house that shows much about life as it was 
in the Pigeon Cove section of Rockport. The house  is filled with furniture and other relics from Pigeon 
Cove. Of special interest is the extensive display of tools used in the  now defunct granite industry which was a major employer for many years

Rockport Granite Company advertisement

Early Reed Organ found at the Old Castle

One of the many displays found at the Old Castle

Below are samples from some of the Society's most intriguing collections. Click on each to read more.
Triptych by Harrison Cady
Historic Doll Collection
Collection of illustrated family trees
Hannah Jumper
Knowlton's Corner by Alfred Wiggin
William Manning Organ

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